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Social Studies Grades K-12


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Melanie Watson
Coordinator of
Social Studies Grades 6-12 and Media Services 6-12

1100 Main Street
Perry, GA 31069
Office: 478-988-6200 ext. 10232
Fax: 478-988-6396
email: mailto:melanie.watson@hcbe.net


Performance standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, enabling a teacher to know “how good is good enough.”

Performance standards incorporate content standards, but expand upon them by providing suggested tasks, sample student work, and teacher commentary
on that work.


Economic Remediation Documents

Georgia Performance Standards
Kindergarten Social Studies Standards
1st Grade Social Studies Standards
2nd Grade Social Studies Standards
3rd Grade Social Studies Standards
4th Grade Social Studies Standards
5th Grade Social Studies Standards
6th Grade Social Studies Standards
7th Grade Social Studies Standards
8th Grade Social Studies Standards
Grades 9-12 American Government Civics Standards
Grades 9-12 Economics Standards
Grades 9-12 United States History Standards
Grades 9-12 World Geography Standards
Grades 9-12 World History Standards
Grades 9-12 Sociology Standards
Grades 9-12 Psychology Standards


Gretna Soltis
Coordinator of

Social Studies Grades K-5
Media Services K-5

1100 Main Street
Perry, GA 31069
Office: 478-988-6200
ext. 10349
Fax: 478-988-6396
email: mailto:gretna.soltis@hcbe.net








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