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ACCESS for ELLs (Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State for English Language Learners)




What is the ACCESS for ELLs?

ACCESS for ELLs is a standards-based, criterion referenced English language proficiency test
designed to measure English language learners' social and academic proficiency in English.
It assesses social and instructional English as well as the language associated with language arts,
mathematics, science, and social studies within the school context across the four language domains.

Why is an English Language Proficiency test required?

An English Language Proficiency test is required under No Child Left Behind legislation. Passed in 2001,
NCLB indicates that all K-12 English language learners must be assessed annually for English proficiency
growth (Title III) and academic progress (Title I).

 Testing Links:
WIDA ACCESS for ELs Homepage
Georgia DOE ACCESS for ELLs Site

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