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Name & Position Contact Info
Dr. Zabrina  Cannady
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
478-988-6200  Ext:10605
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Dr. Jenny  McClintic
Director of Student Services
478-988-6200  Ext:10605
Email Dr. McClintic
Mrs. Stephani  Adams
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27807
Email Mrs. Adams
Ms. Leighann  Allen
Occupational Therapist
478-218-4618  Ext:27619
Email Ms. Allen
Ms. Leslie  Allen
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27813
Email Ms. Allen
Ms. Alondra  Anderson
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27818
Email Ms. Anderson
Ms. Brenda  Anderson
Student Services Clerk
478-988-6200  Ext:27608
Email Ms. Anderson
Ms. Kristi-Lee  Arrington
Program Specialist
478-218-4618  Ext:27894
Email Ms. Arrington
Mrs. Ansley  S Bailey
Occupational Therapist
478-988-6200  Ext:27623
Email Mrs. Bailey
Mrs. Larissa  Beecher
Academic Intervention Specialist
478-218-4618  Ext:27200
Email Mrs. Beecher
Mrs. Cindy  Bentley
Student Services Records Clerk
478-988-6200  Ext:10153
Email Mrs. Bentley
Mrs. LaTonya  Denise Blasingame
School Social Worker
478-988-6200  Ext:48232
Email Mrs. Blasingame
Dr. Robin  Boutwell
Coordinator of Student Services
478-988-6200  Ext:10893
Email Dr. Boutwell
Ms. Carolyn  Brantley
Email Ms. Brantley
Ms. Julie  Bragg
Program Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27140
Email Ms. Bragg
Mrs. Amy  Brett
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27809
Email Mrs. Brett
Mrs. Wendy  Brewer
Special Education Clerk
478-988-6200  Ext:10415
Email Mrs. Brewer
Ms. Tamisha  Brothers-Bembry
School Social Worker
478-988-6200  Ext:48233
Email Ms. Brothers-Bembry
Ms. Erin  Burks
Lead Speech-Language Pathologist
478-988-6200  Ext:27886
Email Ms. Burks
Ms. April  Butts
OT Assistant
478-988-6200  Ext:27624
Email Ms. Butts
Dr. Alicia  S Campbell
Program Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27888
Email Dr. Campbell
Mrs. Linda  Carr
Child Find Clerk
478-218-4618  Ext:27803
Email Mrs. Carr
Mrs. Patti  Carriker
Physical Therapist
478-988-6200  Ext:27620
Email Mrs. Carriker
Mrs. Paula  Cooper
Behavior Intervention Specialist
478-218-4618  Ext:27776
Email Mrs. Cooper
Mrs. Melissa  Cunningham
Child Find SLP
478-218-4618  Ext:27819
Email Mrs. Cunningham
Mrs. Debra  Daniels
Psychology Department Secretary
478-218-4618  Ext:27802
Email Mrs. Daniels
Mr. Jody  Dean
Coordinator of Student Services
478-988-6200  Ext:27915
Email Mr. Dean
Mrs. Denise  Duke
Behavior Intervention Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27886
Email Mrs. Duke
Ms. Megan  Economos
School Psychologist Intern
Email Ms. Economos
Ms. Tammy  Edge
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27808
Email Ms. Edge
Mr. James  Eustis
School Social Worker
478-322-3280  Ext:48234
Email Mr. Eustis
Mrs. Christina  Gilbert
Child Find Teacher
478-988-6200  Ext:27821
Email Mrs. Gilbert
Dr. Annie  M Gordon
478-988-6200  Ext:27420
Email Dr. Gordon
Mrs. Trina  L Gordon
478-218-4618   Ext:27002
Email Mrs. Gordon
Mrs. Alissa  Green
Info Svcs Prsnl Central Suppt
478-988-6200  Ext:10804
Email Mrs. Green
Mrs. Danetta  Hardy
Occupational Therapist
478-988-6200  Ext:27618
Email Mrs. Hardy
Ms. Lauren  Hatcher
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
478-218-4618  Ext:27228
Email Ms. Hatcher
Ms. Lynn  M Hawkins
Technology Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27102
Email Ms. Hawkins
Ms. Carolyn  Heilig
Health-Related Services / School Nurse Secretary
478-218-4618  Ext:27767
Email Ms. Heilig
Ms. Shante  Hendrick
School Social Worker
478-988-6200  Ext:48229
Email Ms. Hendrick
Ms. Kristen  Honaker
Technology Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27101
Email Ms. Honaker
Mrs. Amy  Hutto
School Social Worker Assistant
478-988-6200  Ext:48231
Email Mrs. Hutto
Mrs. Damita  James
Program Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27890
Email Mrs. James
Mr. Jay  Jimerson
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27811
Email Mr. Jimerson
Dr. Jaquel  Johnson
Transition Teacher
478-218-4618   Ext:27884
Email Dr. Johnson
Mrs. Collette  Jones
Audiologist Para
478-988-6200  Ext:27476
Email Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Karen  Jones
Program Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27810
Email Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Marina  Jones
Parent Mentor
478-988-6200  Ext:27901
Email Mrs. Jones
Ms. Erin  Krajewski
School Psychologist
478-218-2618  Ext:27808
Email Ms. Krajewski
Mrs. Jennifer  Lawrence
Health-Related Services / School Nurse
478-218-4618  Ext:27916
Email Mrs. Lawrence
Mrs. Martha  Lee
Student Services Secretary
478-988-6200  Ext:10216
Email Mrs. Lee
Mrs. Charmette  Leonard
Child Find Paraprofessional
478-988-6200  Ext:27820
Email Mrs. Leonard
Ms. Sonovia  Ling
School Nurse
478-988-6200  Ext:27769
Email Ms. Ling
Mrs. Brenda  Marshall
Health Related Services / School Nurse
478-218-4618  Ext:27772
Email Mrs. Marshall
Mrs. Pamela  Mayfield
AT Speech Language Pathologist
478-988-6200  Ext:27363
Email Mrs. Mayfield
Mrs. Cynthia  McArthur
OT/PT Clerk
478-218-4618   Ext:27618
Email Mrs. McArthur
Mrs. Claudia  McDaniel
Administrative Assistant for Student Services
478-988-6200  Ext:10215
Email Mrs. McDaniel
Mrs. Shelly  E McPhail
Program Specialist
478-218-4618  Ext:27897
Email Mrs. McPhail
Mrs. Cheri  Murray
Program Specialist
478-218-4618  Ext:27139
Email Mrs. Murray
Mrs. Kristen  Peaster
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27236
Email Mrs. Peaster
Mrs. Diane  Phillips
478-988-6200  Ext:27622
Email Mrs. Phillips
Mrs. Natalie  Preston
Assistive Technology Teacher
478-988-6200  Ext:27900
Email Mrs. Preston
Mrs. Karen  Putman
PT Assistant
478-988-6200  Ext:27626
Email Mrs. Putman
Mrs. LaKeshia  Ragin
Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
478-218-4618  Ext:35621
Email Mrs. Ragin
Dr. Shirley  Randall
Coordinator for Student Services
478-329-2227  Ext:48606
Email Dr. Randall
Mrs. Heather  Roland
Health-Related Services / School Nurse
478-218-4618  Ext:27768
Email Mrs. Roland
Mrs. Dana  Rollins
Coordinator of Health-Related Services
478-218-4618  Ext:27771
Email Mrs. Rollins
Ms. Linda  Rozier
School Social Worker
478-988-6200  Ext:48230
Email Ms. Rozier
Mrs. Lindsey  W Scott
Behavior Intervention Para
478-988-6200  Ext:27895
Email Mrs. Scott
Mrs. Cathy  Sillence
Health-Related Services / School Nurse
478-218-4618  Ext:27774
Email Mrs. Sillence
Mrs. Jennifer  Simpson
Academic Intervention Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27822
Email Mrs. Simpson
Mrs. Suzanne  Simpson
Health-Related Services/Special Education & Child Find Nurse
478-218-4816  Ext:27777
Email Mrs. Simpson
Mrs. Lisa  Smith
School Psychologist
478-988-6200  Ext:27817
Email Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Monica  Smith
Coordinator of Student Services
478-218-4618  Ext:27996
Email Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Nicole  Stubbs
Student Services Secretary
478-988-6200  Ext:27896
Email Mrs. Stubbs
Mrs. Ellen  Tanner
School Psychologist
478-218-4618  Ext:27814
Email Mrs. Tanner
Ms. April  Tew
Email Ms. Tew
Mrs. Kristine  Thornburg
Social Services Secretary
478-988-6200  Ext:48227
Email Mrs. Thornburg
Mrs. Elizabeth  Tosi
Health-Related Services / School Nurse
478-218-4618  Ext:27770
Email Mrs. Tosi
Dr. Gentry  Trice
Program Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27891
Email Dr. Trice
Mrs. Lisa  Ward
Program Specialist
478-218-4618  Ext:27889
Email Mrs. Ward
Mrs. Donna  Warlick
Program Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:10885
Email Mrs. Warlick
Ms. LaTonya  Warren
Psychologist Diagnostician
478-218-4618  Ext:27887
Email Ms. Warren
Mrs. Rita  Welch
Health-Related Services / School Nurse
478-218-4618  Ext:27775
Email Mrs. Welch
Mrs. Daphne  Dunaway Whetsel
Program Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:27912
Email Mrs. Whetsel
Mrs. Abbie  White
Child Find Para
Email Mrs. White
Mrs. Jessica  White
Student Services Bookkeeper
478-988-6171  Ext:10071
Email Mrs. White
Ms. Rose Lynn  Whittle
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
478-218-4618  Ext:27751
Email Ms. Whittle
Mrs. Rebecca  Williams
PT Assistant
478-988-6200  Ext:27625
Email Mrs. Williams
Ms. Alexis  Woodford
School Psychologist
Email Ms. Woodford

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